Redundancy Support Package – Thinking of making jobs redundant? If so, don’t cut corners. Help is at hand!

The redundancy process is definitely NOT the time to take shortcuts. You might save yourself some time and effort in the short term, but failure to follow the correct redundancy processes could result in a tribunal for unfair dismissal. That will not only take up even more of your time,but is likely to cause undue stress and cost you more in the long run too!

So, make sure that you do the right thing. Provide at least the minimum redundancy rights that employees are entitled to during the process, ensuring that they are treated fairly and reasonably along the way. However, I know that is easier said than done.

Having difficult conversations with your staff can be hard (especially when you are not sure what to say) and the redundancy process can be daunting. That’s why I am currently offering a redundancy advice package to SMEs who are making 10 or less jobs redundant.  My Redundancy Package enables SMEs to manage the process themselves while receiving up to 1 hour* of personalised advice and guidance each step of the way, along with all of the template documents, meeting scripts and letters that are needed. The cost of this package is £389 (inc VAT at the relevant rate).

If you would like to know more about the redundancy support available to you, please get in touch:


Tele:   07913 121290

* Up to 1 hour of personalised advice and guidance is provided on the assumption that the redundancy process runs smoothly. Should more complex situations emerge and additional support be required, this can be agreed at the time, along with any additional fees that may be incurred.