Are you preparing your business for Brexit?

Do you know what you need to do to prepare your business for Brexit? The Government has a tool that helps you to find out: – what your business or organisation may need to do to prepare for Brexit – what’s changing in your industry – information on specific rules and regulations Further details along … Read more

Beware of ACAS imitators!

SMEs, have you been duped into signing up to a lengthy and costly contract that you can’t get out of for several years, with a company that initially appeared to be part of ACAS? If so, many of these companies require 6 month’s notice to cancel the contract. So make sure that you have a … Read more

Do your employees have the Right to Work in the UK?

When recruiting staff, are you completing Right To Work checks in line with Government requirements? This is more than just checking someone’s ID. As a business owner, you need to confirm that potential employees have the right to work in the UK by seeing their original documents and taking copies for your records. If you … Read more

Working Time: Are you keeping records?

The need to keep records of your employee’s working hours has been mentioned in the news a few times recently. The article accessed via the link below provides further guidance for employers on what records should be kept. If you need any help or advice in setting up a timesheet process or introducing a new … Read more

Investigating grievance, disciplinary or misconduct cases

One of the things employers often ask me to help them with is independently investigating grievance, disciplinary or misconduct cases. This ensures all parties are treated fairly. If you need my help, please get in touch. email: tele: 07913 121290 #business #hr #smallbusiness #employmentlaw