Offering Financial Support in the Workplace

With inflation now at its highest level in 40 years and household bills rapidly increasing, members of your team will no doubt be concerned about their finances, which in turn can have an impact at work. Employees who are struggling financially are often stressed and therefore less likely to function effectively in their role, in … Read more

The latest HR / employment law updates and how to access fully funded skills training for your workforce

Here’s a round up of what is in the news in the world of HR at the moment……  1. Covid guidelines – key changes to note: The latest general advice from the Government: The public are encouraged to continue to follow public health advice, to minimise the chance of catching Covid and help protect family and … Read more

A few quick HR updates for you….

1. Sick Notes / Fit Notes – You will be pleased to know that employees can no longer self-certify their own sickness absences of up to 28 days. Normal service has resumed and sick notes / fit notes are back to being required for sickness absences of 7 consecutive days or more. 2. Sick pay for the … Read more

Now is the time to think about taking on an Apprentice

Have you ever thought about training someone up through an Apprenticeship with the aim of offering them a permanent role within your business in the future? Despite common belief, Apprenticeships are not just for trades people or hairdressers, and nowadays Apprentices can be of any age too! With A level results having just been announced … Read more

Holidays Impacted by Covid-19

With the government regularly reviewing its covid-19 guidelines in relation to travel to and from the UK, what will you do if, for example, an employee’s holiday is cancelled before departure or they have to isolate in a hotel for 10 days on their return?  Before the holiday season gets into full swing, now is … Read more