Free Support Available to Your Team – Mental Health and Finances

Free Support Available to Your Team – Mental Health and Finances

I am seeing more and more cases of employees saying that situations at work are affecting their mental health, which also sometimes results in them going off sick (maybe not always a genuine mental health issue, but don’t get me started on that!). In addition, we all regularly hear in the news about the impact that the cost of living crisis is having on people’s lives. 

I have therefore provided a communication below that you can send out to your team explaining the support that is available to them. The text in bold italics will need tweaking before you issue it. If you do want to provide my contact details to the team, then that is no problem at all, but would you please let me know before the communication goes out, so that I know that I may get a call or two.

If anyone does mention that they are struggling with their mental health (this can be a big step for those with genuine mental health issues, as typically they would prefer their employer not to know) then please get in touch to discuss options for supporting their personal situation. You definitely don’t want a disability discrimination case being raised against you and creating an audit trail of all of the support that you have provided is always a good idea.

Support Available to You – Mental Health and Finances

I wanted to make you aware of the support available to you if you find that you are struggling with your mental health or your finances. 

I know that the cost of living crisis is having a big impact on everyone’s lives at the moment, but that, along with many other factors (both in your personal and working lives) can also affect your ability to cope on a general day to day basis, as well as impact the people around you.

So, if you are feeling low, anxious or stressed on either a personal or work level (eg you feel that you can’t cope personally, financially and / or at work / with your role) please speak to me, your line manager or our HR Consultant, Nicky Silver*, in confidence at any time. I really appreciate every person who works in our team and don’t want anyone to be struggling alone.

Alternatively, if you would prefer independent help or advice, I have provided access to some useful resources below.

Mental Health Support 

If you would like to speak to someone who is completely independent to obtain one-to-one mental health support, at no cost, please visit the DWP’s website (link below) which provides you with access to a variety of mental health support tools, including practical plans and strategies for coping both on a personal level and at work. 

Details can be found here:

In addition, the mental health charity, Mind, also have a lot of useful information and resources on their website: Information and support – Mind

Financial Help and Advice

At the bottom of this communication, I have provided links to a wide variety of finance related resources. I won’t apologise for providing so much information, as everyone is in a different situation, but hopefully there is something in there that might be of help to you.

But as I have already said, if you are ever struggling please make either myself, your line manager or Nicky aware ASAP. If we don’t know, we can’t help.


Contact details

*Nicky Silver’s contact details are:


Tele: 07913 121290

Financial Support Resources

  • Energy Individuals and Families Fund – You do not need to be a British Gas customer to apply for this fund – you can be a British Gas Customer, or a customer from another supplier but please check if your supplier has their own Trust Fund first. Full details of the British Gas scheme are here:

Citizens Advice have further information here: Grants and benefits to help you pay your energy bills – Citizens Advice

  • Benefits The benefits system can be complex, so don’t assume that you aren’t entitled to anything. The main page containing details of all benefits available can be accessed here: Benefits – GOV.UK
  • Renting Help with rent arrears and problems with paying your rent If you can’t pay your rent, don’t ignore the problem. Talk to your landlord as soon as possible. Whether the problem is caused by a change of circumstances, a budgeting difficulty or a cut in benefits, you can take some important steps to help get yourself back in control and avoid eviction. Help with rent arrears and problems with paying your rent | MoneyHelper
  • General Money Advice Free and impartial money advice, set up by the government. The Money Navigator Tool gives you action plans based on your own situation Money Navigator Tool
  • Money Health Check Understanding your finances can help you to improve them. The every day money helper page provides a variety of tools that will help you to quickly work out the figures you need for some of the most common money situations you may find yourself in. The easy-to-use calculators can help you budget, save and cut back on costs. They can help you find impartial advisers, find out how much you might have in retirement, tell you how much extra money you need for your baby and much more. 
  • Car Costs Owning a car can be expensive.  The fuel, tax, insurance, maintenance and depreciation costs can all add up.  This calculator will help you to understand how much it will cost. Car costs calculator | MoneyHelper 
  • Credit Card Calculator Credit cards are like having a loan for the amount you’ve spent using the card. They’re easy to carry, offer a way to buy-now-pay-later, and give you buyer’s protection. It’s easy to get stung with a credit card though, and that’s where our credit card calculator comes in.
  • Bill prioritiser: Help if you’re struggling with bills and payments – It can be difficult to manage all the different bills and payments in our lives. The consequences of not paying off some bills before others can be more serious. Our Bill prioritiser can help you sort your bills and payments in the right order and tell you what you need to do if you’re struggling to pay before you miss a payment. Bill prioritiser

Money Saving Expert

Personal Debt

  • Debt Advice Locator If you’re worried about debt, you don’t need to struggle alone. Speaking to a trained and experienced debt adviser about your situation can help you see what the best decision for you might be. Debt Advice Locator | Syndication | MoneyHelper
  • Money Helper If you’re struggling to keep up with bills and debt payments, don’t worry – you’re not alone. We help hundreds of thousands of people with similar worries every year. There are lots of things you can do to resolve your difficulties, including getting free debt advice. Help if you’re struggling with debt | MoneyHelper
  • Negotiating with creditors The debt charity Step Change offers guidance and support on how to negotiate with creditors and prioritise repayments. StepChange Debt Charity – Free Expert Debt Advice

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