Employment Law Update – February 2024

I have listed below the Employment Law changes that will be coming into effect shortly along with others that have been proposed. IMPORTANT ACTION REQUIRED: Some changes come into effect in the next few months and in order for you to remain compliant with employment laws, updates may be needed to either your Employment Contracts … Read more

Employment Law Update – December 2023

I am now starting to see some further clarifications from the Government in relation to a number of future employment law changes that have been confirmed or proposed. Here is a quick summary of what I know so far, although further announcements containing more details are expected in due course. I will update you as … Read more

Employment Law Round Up – What’s on the cards?

I have provided a summary below of the employment laws currently in the pipeline or being considered by the current Government, but have also included some changes at the end of the update that the Labour Party has indicated they might introduce if they were to win the next General Election (as mentioned at their … Read more

Employment Law and Budget 2023 Round Up

There are a couple of Employment Law changes that have been introduced that I need to make you aware of, as well as a whole list of others potentially on the horizon. I have therefore provided a quick (well as quick as I can make it!) round up below, along with a few key points … Read more

IMPORTANT: Contract amendments required for Zero Hours,  Irregular Hours and Term Time workers

Following a recent  Supreme Court ruling (Harpur Trust v Brazel) workers who are employed on an ongoing Zero Hours, Irregular Hours or Term Time contract basis are entitled to the full, minimum statutory holiday entitlement of 20 days plus 8 bank holidays / 5.6 weeks per year, regardless of the fact that they only work … Read more

Employment Law and HR Updates October 2022

The updates covered in this blog are: Right to Work in the UK check procedures from 1st October 2022 Calculating holidays for  irregular shift or zero hours workers with an ongoing contract CV fraud can be prosecuted Long covid and menopause can be classed as a disability Potential future removal of EU laws, GDPR and … Read more