Are employees entitled to an extra day’s pay in a leap year?

Well, the answer is, it all depends on how they are paid.

With Saturday 29th February 2020 being an extra day this year, your staff may be asking if they are going to get an extra day’s pay. But what do you say?

An employee’s pay entitlement will depend on whether they are paid a salary or whether they are paid for the number of hours they work.

Those who receive a salary are paid a specific amount for the year, with anomalies such as a leap year typically being factored in. This means that those who receive a salary are not entitled to any additional pay in a leap year unless their contract of employment states otherwise. Looking at it another way, those paid a salary work 1 day less for the same amount of money when it isn’t a leap year!

However, for those employees who are paid by the number of hours they work, things are different. Staff on an hourly rate are entitled to be paid for any hours worked on 29th February. This may mean that they earn more in 2020, as depending on how their work patterns or shifts fall, 29th February could be an extra day in the office, shop, factory etc. Lucky for some, depending on how you look at it!