A quick reminder of what options you have if an employee has to go into quarantine after a holiday

With people now also needing to spend 14 days in quarantine when returning to the UK after spending time in France, the Netherlands and Malta, what should employers do?

  • Remind staff that going on holiday and taking the associated risks is voluntary and their personal choice
  • Explain that the company is under no obligation to pay anyone who is unable to return to work due to quarantine after a holiday
  • Furlough is NOT an option when there is work available for your staff to do.
  • Potential options when an employee is unable to return to the workplace:
    • Work from home, if possible?
    • Take additional holiday?
    • Take unpaid leave?
    • Swap with someone who is on Furlough?
    • Work additional hours to make up for the additional time off work at a later date, if possible?
    • To cover their work, consider asking other employees to cancel forthcoming holidays, although you will need to give the same amount of notice as the amount of time being cancelled eg 1 weeks notice to cancel a holiday of 1 week. IMPORTANT: before doing this, consider the impact of asking someone to cancel a holiday eg will they lose money on a holiday they have already paid for?
  • The latest Government guidelines regarding travel can be found at: Coronavirus – Safer Travel Guidance

Thinking ahead, it might also be a good time to identify which employees may be impacted ie who has a holiday booked already or is thinking of taking a holiday in the next few months and where are they going?